"What did I love about working with Elizabeth Keenan? What didn't I love about working with Elizabeth Keenan! I'm a first-time novelist who was sure I was onto something, but also sure I was far from my destination and needed help getting there. Elizabeth committed her undeniable skill and expertise to several readings of my first draft—readings done with a care and thoroughness that felt like a devotion to serving both my words and my intention. She gave me criticism without making me feel criticized and guided me in ways I knew I needed but couldn't achieve on my own. I feel beyond fortunate to have found her."

Mary Lee Kortes, Author and singer-songwriter

"Elizabeth Keenan's mind is a well-engineered storytelling superhighway that allows her to leap across genres with ease, produce beautiful prose, and create beautifully complicated (and utterly human) characters. That alone would be enough to amaze. But what makes Liz truly remarkable is how ready and willing she is to share that superhighway with other writers. I have personally benefited from Liz's expertise, both in casual conversation and in directly addressing my own writing, and there are large parts of my work that would not have existed had Liz not shared her gift with me, and for that, I am truly grateful."

Scott Leeds, author of Schrader's Chord

"Working with Elizabeth Keenan is always rewarding. She's an excellent writer with great ideas, and she's particularly fast with revisions, whether writing on her own or in collaboration. Not all writers are good editors but Liz applies the same precision to shaping others' works as she does her own. Her wisdom and humor are a perfect combination for getting the best out of a writer."

Christopher Schelling, Founder, Selectric Artists Literary and Talent Agency

"Liz is an author's ultimate Swiss Army knife. A fighter in negotiations. A creative partner who can untwist a plot, heal a wounded sentence, or map a career. She's also just a smart and kind person. She'll bring out the best in your work, and she'll then fight like hell for it."

Brian Selfon, author of The Nightworkers

"Liz has been my go-to person throughout my career as a literary agent. Liz is kind, concise, professional, and encouraging. I could not recommend her more highly for any of your editing, coaching or ghostwriting needs. I'm excited for anyone who chooses to work with Liz--you and your project will be handled with the utmost care."

JL Stermer, Literary Agent and CEO of Next Level Lit

"Not only is Elizabeth Keenan a superb writer, she's also a wonderful collaborator. Whether approaching a project from a plotting, storytelling, or editorial angle, Elizabeth brings a passion, open-mindedness, intellectual curiosity, and overall sense of joy to the proceedings that makes her an absolute pleasure to partner with."

Greg Wands, Co-writer of the E.G. Scott Novels The Woman Inside, In Case of Emergency, Rule of Three, and Trust Issues (out in 2024)

"Elizabeth Keenan is a true gem in the literary world - she's deeply experienced, insightful, and talented. She is a writer, editor, and ghost writer like no other with acclaimed experience at every stage of the publishing process. What sets her apart from everyone else, is she cares deeply about literature and the power of the written word. She is unflinchingly committed to helping her clients reach their goals while keeping the essence of their voice at the center of the process. I couldn't recommend Liz highly enough!"

Lisa Weinert, mindfulness coach, author and Founder of Narrative Healing

"Elizabeth Keenan is a brilliant writer, a sensitive reader, an excellent listener, an astute editor, and an absolutely invaluable support and champion for anyone working on a book. I am always bowled over by Liz's ability to spot the center of gravity in a piece and her unerring instinct for knowing what you're trying to do as a writer, and grateful for her insights and edits, which always make things not just better, but more themselves. Anyone working with Liz on a book would be in fantastic hands."

Ruiyan Xui, Author of The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai

"I feel so lucky to have been led to Elizabeth. She worked with me on a developmental edit of my memoir - and she made what could have been an otherwise daunting process rich with thoughtful problem-solving and enthusiasm. Honest, kind, and endlessly clever, Elizabeth always made me feel beautifully supported in the creative process. She is my manuscript's fairy godmother."

Taylor Coffman, Author, Activist, Creator of Rare Disease Girl