Manuscript Development

This multifaceted collaborative effort is to shape your manuscript into its best possible form, ensuring that it resonates with the target audience and achieves your creative vision. I'll work with you to clarify your message, elevate your writing style and voice, create enthralling characters and plotlines, set attainable goals, and lay out a blueprint for completing your manuscript into a polished, cohesive, and market-ready gem.

This service is recommended for writers with a partially completed manuscript or rough first or second drafts.‚Äč

Here are the key components of manuscript development that I focus on with clients:

Conceptualization and Planning

After learning about your creative intentions and ideas, we'll outline your goals, target audience, and main themes or messages.

Outline and Organization

I'll work with you on creating a detailed outline or structure for your manuscript. This includes defining chapters, sections, and the overall sequence of content.

Writing and Drafting

I'll guide you in writing the initial draft of your manuscript based on the outline. During this phase, the focus is on getting ideas down without sweating the fine details or perfection. The goal is to produce a complete draft.