I've worked on literary fiction, mysteries, thrillers, essays, and memoirs primarily. Each project I take on is one in which I have a personal interest in the subject matter and compatibility with the author. I only take on a small number of full-length manuscript ghostwriting jobs a year so that the projects I am working on get the full spectrum attention they deserve.

Each project's timeline is unique and dependent on the author's vision, but typically they are twelve months. If we work together, I will synthesize, develop, and supplement preexisting material, generate new material, conduct interviews with​ the author, interview outside experts (if applicable), and conduct extensive general research to make the most readable and sellable version of your creative vision.​

It is your idea, vision, and work. I stay in the background, helping you realize your creative vision and relieve you of the arduous work while leaving the credit, glamour, and glory of having your book completed and hopefully out in the world all to you (but available to pass along any experience and advice I have on the process every step of the way).

This service is recommended for writers and creators who have a project idea and sufficient supporting source material that can be used to develop your vision into a final manuscript. This includes portions of manuscripts, video, journals, articles, classes and lectures.