Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is an indepth process focusing on your work's structure, content, and overall development to enhance readability, coherence, and quality.

This service is best for writers with well-formed, completed first or second-draft manuscripts.‚Äč

Here are the areas I will focus on:

Plot and Structure

This is the heart of your work. I will ensure your story flows logically and effectively. I may suggest changes to the order of events, the pacing of the narrative, or the organization of chapters to improve the overall structure.

Point of View

I will make suggestions about refining your narrative voice and point of view choices. These suggested adjustments aim to enhance your unique voice or narrative perspective.

Character Development

I will help shape and deepen the characters within your story. This involves evaluating whether characters are well-rounded, relatable, and consistent in their actions and motivations.

Dialogue and Voice

I will focus on your dialogue and narrative voice, helping you maintain a consistent tone and style throughout the work and ensuring your character's communication is natural and entertaining.

Clarity and Coherence

I aim to improve the clarity of your writing and the coherence of the narrative or argument. This involves smoothing transitions between paragraphs and ensuring that your ideas are clear.

Argument and Logic (Nonfiction)

I will assess the strength of arguments and the logical flow of ideas for nonfiction works. They may suggest additional research or evidence to support claims and improve the overall persuasiveness of the work.

Pacing and Tension

My goal is to help you maintain an appropriate balance between action and slower, more reflective moments that help build and sustain tension where needed to keep the reader engaged.

Audience and Purpose

Based on your vision, I consider the intended audience and the purpose of the work and provide feedback to help you align your content with these factors.

Content Gaps and Redundancy

I will identify areas where additional information or explanation is needed and flag repetitive sections to ensure that your content is clear and concise.


I will sleuth your work for consistency in facts, details, and the story's internal logic. This feedback includes aspects like timelines, character traits, and the rules of any fictional world created by the author.

Feedback and Suggestions

Throughout the process, I will provide assessments, suggestions, and recommendations on your material. This can involve detailed comments within the manuscript or in a separate editorial letter.