This service focuses on improving the overall quality and readability of your written work. It involves a comprehensive review of the content, structure, and style. I will look at your content with a specific focus on assess sentence structure, clarity, coherence, and consistency in tone, style, and language use.

This service is recommended for writer's with advance staged manuscripts or proposals needing a polish.‚Äč

Grammar and Language

Copyeditors correct grammar, punctuation, spelling errors, and typos. They also pay attention to sentence structure, word choice, and the flow of the writing.

Clarity and Consistency

I will ensure that your text is clear and that there is consistency in terminology, style, and formatting throughout the document.

Content Improvement

I will suggest changes to improve the clarity of your text, eliminate redundancy, and enhance overall readability. This can include rephrasing sentences or paragraphs for better comprehension.

Fact Checking

Depending on the type of content, I may do supportive research verify facts, dates, and references for accuracy.

Style Guide Adherence

I will ensure that the writing follows a specific style guide, such as The Chicago Manual of Style or The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook, as per your preferences.