Book Proposal Development

From two-plus decades of experience working at three of the 'big five' publishers, I've read tens of thousands of book proposals and weighed in on which potential books were acquired, often based on the proposals' quality. I know a winning proposal when I see one.

For non-fiction books, the proposal is as important as the manuscript itself. It is the hook to get literary agents, publishers, or acquisition editors at publishing houses interested in your masterpiece. A well-crafted book proposal can significantly increase your chances of getting the agent of your dreams and your work accepted by a major publisher.‚Äč

Sometimes, great books have lackluster proposals and miss out on opportunities to find the best possible agent or publishing home because the material didn't adequately reflect the quality of the project or missed major selling points.

I can work with you to develop an exciting, sellable, and compelling proposal from scratch or work with an existing proposal in the following ways:

Title and Overview

I'll collaborate to ensure your project's working title and description are concise and compelling, with an irresistible hook to capture the reader's interest.

Author Bio

This section is more important than you realize, and agents and publishers look for several flags, green and red, in this section. I can help you make the most out of this section to optimize your bragging rights and unique perspectives and leave out the unnecessary stuff.

Market Analysis

This includes identifying your intended audience, outlining the size and demographics of the readership, and explaining why there is a demand for this type of book.

Competitive Analysis

I'll ensure you have a thoughtful list of other books in the same genre or niche as your book and explain how yours offers something apart.

Outline or Table of Contents

This detailed outline of your book's structure gives a clear sense of the book's organization and content. It is way more important than you think, and there is much opportunity to create intrigue in this section, believe it or not.

Sample Chapters

I will work with you to make sure you pick the most selling, most polished, and most compelling samples to showcase the strength of your writing style and the quality of your book.

Marketing and Promotion

My experience heading up multiple in-house marketing and publicity teams has given me vast experience in what promotional ideas and strategies stand out to agents and publishers and what weighs down a proposal.

Author Platform

For nonfiction books, this aspect is essential. I can work with you to ensure you illuminate the areas of your platform that help your sellability and how to enhance the areas that might need help.

Chapter Summaries

We'll shine these summaries of each chapter or section of your book to give a more comprehensive view of the book's content and flow with sparkle.