Book Coaching

I offer hourly consulting and specialized coaching packages depending on your needs. If you don't know what your specific needs are, we can figure that out during a consult. This service is recommended for creatives who don't know exactly what next steps for their creative process will be on any given project.

My coaching style is a collaborative and personalized process in which I work closely with you to guide you through writing and completing your dream book. I aim to provide individualized support, motivation, and expertise to aid you in achieving your writing goals and producing a high-quality manuscript.

Here are some features of my coaching and consulting services:

Personalized Guidance

I offer one-on-one guidance tailored to your creative needs and goals with feedback, encouragement, and accountability throughout the writing process.

Planning and Structure

We'll develop a clear plan and structure for your book by outlining chapters, defining themes, and establishing project milestones.

Feedback and Editing

I will review and provide feedback on your work, helping to refine the manuscript for clarity, coherence, and effectiveness and offering suggestions for improvement and revisions.

Motivation and Accountability

This is the lifeblood of the coaching process; I will keep you motivated and accountable. You'll stay on track with your writing goals with regular check-ins and deadlines to prevent procrastination.

Craft and Technique

If needed, I will offer guidance on writing techniques, style, and storytelling to enhance character development, dialogue, pacing, and other aspects of your writing.